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Smart Home Security That Keeps Your Holiday Home Safe

Smart Home Security That Keeps Your Holiday Home Safe


When you leave your holiday house this year, how will you keep it safe?
With a place you love and want to protect, out of sight does not equal out of mind. You can check and double-check every window and door; you'll still worry about your home away from home.

Give yourself peace of mind this year with a smart home security system powered by Chubb. Our security technology proactively protects your holiday house all year round, both from crime and from everyday problems that arise when you're away. Controlled with a smartphone app, it lets you check in visually anytime and control aspects of the home remotely, giving you an instant link to your vacation home in the palm of your hand.

We can quickly install and set up a Chubb powered system before you leave.
Here's what you'll gain from this smart, affordable investment.

Protect your holiday home when you can’t be there

Whether you have valuable equipment stored there or not, your empty holiday house is always a potential target for burglars or vandals. Smart home security is both a visible deterrent, and a proactive line of defence against intruders.
All Chubb-powered systems come with 24-7 professional security monitoring. When armed, if an intruder breaks in, your system will quickly detect them and alert a monitoring station, where a security professional will assess the situation and action the alarm to your customised response plan.
You'll get an alert too, but you won't need to call anyone or scramble for the local police number. With the reassurance of 24/7 back to base monitoring, you can rest assured that help will be at hand.

Easy access control with smart locks

If you're considering renting your second home to holiday makers, smart access control is essential, and Chubb has a solution. You can create temporary, four-digit codes for your smart lock which expire after a set time. When your guests leave, Chubb deletes the code and they'll no longer have access.
For trusted contractors, or a cleaning service, you can create a permanent code. You have the option to receive a smartphone alert every time a code is used, which makes it easy to keep track of who's coming or going. When you know the house is empty again, you can use your app to check the status of all locks, and re-arm your security system for protection.

Security that doesn't rely on a home phone line or internet connectivity
Unlike many connected security products which only work via a connected home phone line or internet connection, Chubb uses a wireless, dedicated mobile connection to communicate with your app and with professional monitoring services. This means that you don't have to pay for a home phone line or internet at your holiday house, and your alarm system will stay connected even if there's a power outage.

Want to get started?

We have network of professional smart home security installers who can quickly install, set up and begin monitoring a system in your holiday home. For peace of mind and a year-round connection to the place you love, visit our solutions page.

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