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Special Conditions

Special Conditions

  1. Validity
    • The quotation is valid for (30) days.
  2. Payment
    • Monitoring Fees are paid by equal monthly or quarterly installments or annually in advance; the first payment is due on the Effective Date of your contract and if paid in installments, thereafter on the same date each relevant cycle, until the Fees are paid in full.
    • Equipment Fees are paid in full on the Effective Date, or by way of a Payment Plan. When a Payment Plan is selected, a deposit at the time of installation is optional. The full amount or the balance will be divided by the number of months selected for the Payment Plan as specified in this quotation and billed each month following the Effective Date until paid in full.
  3. Installation
    • Our standard installation fee as quoted in this proposal is based upon the installer having complete and free access during one visit to allow uninterrupted completion of the installation. Access to premises is required from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.
    • To access and use functionalities of the Chubb App you must have use of a compatible internet connected device and service and a valid email address.
    • All 240 Volt A.C. power and power outlets for the installation and operation of the system are to be provided by the customer at the customer’s expense. This applies to the installation of control panel and IP cameras.
    • When IP cameras are included in the installation, they will require connection to a compatible Wi-Fi Router and internet connection provided by the customer to enable operation of the cameras.
    • If your security and home automation devices utilise wireless technology to communicate with the main panel, the range and performance of these devices may be impacted by building structure and distance. The equipment offered and their final locations are subject to on-site conditions and technical assessment at the time of installation.
    • If Z-Wave Door Lock is selected, no allowance is made to supply, adjust or repair existing door furniture, closers or locks if required. Installation is subject to site inspection.
    • Job completion is effected when the installation is suitable for operation, and the customer, or his/her representative has signed the Chubb Completion Certificate.
  4. Warranty
    • The system is covered by twelve (12) month warranty from the date of completion and installation acceptance.
    • Any warranty work will be carried out between the hours of 7.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday except for public holidays or holidays set aside by State or Federal Awards. Should warranty service be required outside these hours, a service call out fee will be charged.
    • No warranty is offered or extended on customer supplied equipment or existing equipment or cabling.
    • Our calculations in preparing this quotation have been on the assumption that all existing security equipment and cabling are in serviceable condition and nil cost have been included for repairing or replacing of same.
    • Should any repairs or replacement become evident during this installation, rectification of same will be quoted for at our normal service rates and will require the customer’s acceptance prior to being carried out.
  5. Telecommunications
    • If selected, your Chubb Home system relies on a 3G mobile connection to communicate. You will require adequate mobile network coverage at your alarm panel location. In locations of poor network coverage, a high gain antenna may be required. This will be supplied at an additional cost.
    • If selected, all devices, equipment or services that you use in conjunction with the Chubb Home system and that are not provided to you by us, for example your mobile device, mobile data services, broadband equipment or broadband services (Third Party Equipment) are your own responsibility. If any Third Party Equipment does not work properly, you need to contact the supplier or manufacturer, about these problems.
    • Using the Chubb Home system and IP cameras may involve significant data usage. You are responsible for all of your own mobile device and internet service charges and Chubb accepts no responsibility for any charges arising from any data usage or internet charges incurred to use the Services.
    • If you’re not using a wireless monitoring solution, the Customer must ensure they have a working phone line, before installation can occur, or additional costs will be charged for re-attendance. Where this phone line is shared with other devices, a Mode 3 socket must be installed by an approved ACMA Cabler to ensure the alarm system has priority and can always make a call.
    • If you’re not using a wireless monitoring solution and where a customer has an ADSL broadband service sharing the phone line, an ADSL Central Splitter/Filter will be required to ensure correct operation, additional charges may apply if not listed in the original quote.
  6. Ancillary Equipment
    • Unless otherwise stated, no allowance has been made in this quotation for scaffolding, cherry pickers, scissor lifts etc. If such equipment is required and not already available on-site, a separate quotation shall be forwarded.

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